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A new leadership team is at the head of Alliance Concept since December 12, 2019.

The founding managers, Gilles VEYRAT, Raymond SIREILLES and Pierre BOCQUET handed over the management of the company to Gaël DUCRET, Fabien CHAMBE and Vincent VEYRAT. In the positions of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Marketing Officer respectively, they ensure the continuity of the business.

Gilles VEYRAT: “Nearly 30 years have passed since the company was founded. Initiated by a few passionate people with great convictions in the early 1990s, the company was progressively built around a strong team that now numbers almost 50 people. As company founders and leaders, our desire to ensure continuity in the spirit that has inspired us since the beginning, is being realized today. Over the years, each of the three new business owners has contributed, in its own field of expertise, to shape the company’s image that our customers appreciate so far. Thus, we are convinced that this team has all the necessary legitimacy and is well positioned to ensure the business continuity and to carry even higher the values of Alliance Concept.”

Gaël DUCRET: “Today, the three of us, take back the management of the company under the impulse of a common energy that will now ensure the continuity in the development of the company, while focusing on the level of Quality of service and of support to our customers. The challenge of taking over the company business was facilitated by an approach based on a joint decision with the co-founders and a prior in-depth reflection in order to minimize the effects of this transition. This new leadership team is from now on committed to uniting all its employees around this new project, definitely focused on new technologies and current issues. One chapter is closed, but the beautiful Alliance Concept’s story is wide open to the future!”

Apart from a few corporate restructuring measures, most likely to bring some changes in your usual contacts, our mindset and our business approach remain the same. Our team keeps being on your side to support you in your technological challenges, with a goal of continuous improvement for you and for us.

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